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Hang out with your friends, elite players, pros, coaches, managers, streamers, journalists, analysts, hosts, admins, producers, video editors photographers, and every one else who is playing out there with their heart. Hunt lets you share your gaming activity without hassle, and connect you with players and teams looking for a comrade just like you.

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Find Your Duo

Find players whose talent, role and sportsmanship match with yours, and more importantly willing to fight with you. You win more, improve faster, and join the ranks of the elite. Did we say it's more fun? Like, way more. Hunt tightly integrates around every game's unique teaming structure and matchmaking system to find you the partners who you will grow with.

The More The Merrier

Link up your favorite games to your profile, and join the multiverse. Each game presents a unique challenge: Prove the depth and breadth of your talents in this grueling battle of wits.

New Era of Tournaments

Find a team that completes you the best. We all know sometimes that means you have to create your own. No matter which, Hunt allows you to form your roster, and join local and global tournaments.
Do you have your own community or brand? Tear up your physical borders by organizing national and international tournaments to accelerate your organization's profile.

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